Our Vision

Changing the world, one show at a time.



At the Key Change mobilizes musicians and fans to advance racial and social justice through music and education. 

If you've attended a house show, you know that the intimacy of listening to a brilliant artist playing live in the comfort of your--or a friend's--home can't be matched by the regular concert experience.

At the Key Change house concerts are like any other house show—almost. Every show will include an opportunity to learn more about fighting for racial and social justice in that community, through the presence of partner organizations at the events. Tickets are “sold” on a donate-what-you-can basis to support the beneficiary organization.


House shows offer:

  • intimate sets from amazing bands

  • connections with partner organizations

  • opportunities for fans to dive deeper into learning and action

Beneficiaries of house show funds include:

  • Immigrants' rights groups and racial justice organizations

  • Underfunded music programs serving communities of color

  • Other groups that work toward ending racism, reforming punitive immigration policies, and closing the school-to-prison pipeline

At the Key Change is in the process of seeking 501(c)3 status and does not direct funds to political campaigns.